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The story of the genie, Alashkif


A true horror story

God created good and created evil, but the world pushed people to take their lives and follow the path of evil and Satan, my story they tell you today is a very strange and frightening story, if you do not believe in supernatural things, so get away from the beginning, Tiba and affordable case.

Since my childhood, strange and supernatural things happen to me. The first child died, and two days later the second child died. I was waiting for a phone call about the death of the third child.

What happened was what I expected and I got a call from the nursery news of the death of my third child, the news came late at night, it was two o’clock at night, I went to take my child and bury him, took him from the nursery and went to the graves.

I called the gravesite in charge of burying the dead, woke him up from his sleep and told him that I was coming to him on the way to bury my child, and I recommended him digging Lahad next to his brothers until he came to him. Black cloaks, sitting in the middle of the tombs in a terrible and strange silence.

One of the women was digging a hole next to one of the graves, and the other lady in her hand a plastic bag, I do not know what is in it, and when you complete the excavation next to the grave I gave her something inside the bag, I gave her something like a bone and something else I do not know what is, did not see any of them I completely ignored the situation and went to bury my last child but the image of the two women in my head remained not leaving.

I completed the burial of my child in a state of great sadness, and I sat reading the Koran until the ears of dawn, and completed the dawn prayer in the cemetery mosque and left for my home, I was exhausted severely, I went to sleep and I am sad and exhausted, I saw in my dream the same scene that I saw in the graves of those The two ladies are strange, but they had a man wearing a black robes, a turban on his head and a cross hanging on his chest.

He looked at me almost stopped my heart and froze me in the place of the intensity of panic, I woke up once on this look I was very terrified, I woke up once I scream with dismay from the look of the man, I began to regain my temper and calm a little.

I knew it was a dream, but I did not understand this man and why he looked at me that horrible way, I knew very well that these ladies were doing something wrong at this late night, I do not know but I had something inside me and whispering in my ear, and say they were making The magic of a girl called “X”, her name was frequented in my mind a lot and the same thing urges me to go to the graves and extracted this magic from the graves and tells me that he is with me.

I knew nothing about that girl, and I do not know of these two women, and from the many things I have gone through in my life, I went directly to the graves the next evening at night, so that no one sees me digging in the graves, I went to the old graves and told him Wat I saw and went with me to go out and see what the two women were placed in the cemetery, I went to him is living inside the tombs, in a nearby room the man was angry when I told him what I saw, and told me why did not tell me at the time.

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