" /> The story of the vivid fantasy

The story of the vivid fantasy

In the past
Where the earth was not yet human, were virtues and vices, the world roamed together
And you feel very bored
One day, as a solution to the problem of intractable boredom, he proposed creativity as a game and called it a seeker
Or the person disappears from his face and looks for him

Everyone liked the idea

Everyone started yelling: I want this .. I want this

Madness said: I will close his eyes and start counting and you have to disappear immediately and then he leaned on his knees on a tree and began counting:
one two Three

Virtues and vices began to hide

Raqqa found a place for itself above the moon,

Treason hid itself in a garbage heap,

Woe went between the clouds

And the longing went into the depths of the earth

He said lying loudly: – I will hide myself under the stones, then went to the bottom of the lake

The madness continued: – Seventy-eight, eighty-one

During that, all the virtues and vices are done to conceal them

Except love

As usual he was not the owner of a decision and therefore did not decide where to disappear, and this is not surprising to anyone, we know how difficult to hide love

Madness continued: – Ninety-five, ninety-nine, ninety-seven
And when the madness in his census reached: – cent

Love jumped in a swarm of roses and disappeared inside

The madness opened his eyes and the search began to shake: I am coming to you, I am coming to you

Laziness was the first to be discovered because he made no effort to conceal himself

Then the tenderness appeared in the moon

And then the lie came out of the bottom of the lake with a broken soul

Madness indicated the longing to return from the depths of the earth

Madness found them all one after the other, except for love, he almost got frustrated and desperate in his search for love

Envy approached madness, whispering in his ear:
Love is hidden between the rose bush
Madness picked up a wooden fork like a spear and began to stab the rose bush recklessly
He did not stop until he heard the sound of weeping tear the hearts, the love appeared from under the rose bush, and he blocked his eyes with his hands
The wound is between his fingers
The madness cried out, “My God, what have I done to you?”
I have lost your sight, what can I do to correct my mistake after I have lost sight?
Love answered him: You will not be able to reconsider me, but there is still something you can do for me
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And this is what happens from the day, goes blind love led by madness

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