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What are the benefits of cinnamon on the human body?

What are the benefits of

cinnamon on the human body?

Cinnamon is a herbaceous species that grows in the tropical forests of China, the Philippines and the Andes, but Sri Lanka, China and various East Asian countries are their home country.
Where the leaves are removed from the roots of the trees, which are up to forty meters and later are dried or left so and drink drenched these sticks, or grind well and add to the various types of sweets and foods where you get a distinctive taste and attractive smell.
Contains a number of vitamins and minerals and a number of saturated fats and carbohydrates next to proteins and some volatile oils that help in the healing of some diseases and support the body various nutritional values ​​that it needs.
But let us know some of the health benefits of the body and how to use it and some of the collateral damage that occur when taken in large quantities in the following lines.
Benefits of human cinnamon
Maintains heart health
Cinnamon contains a number of fibers and minerals such as calcium, which helps to reduce the proportion of salts that cause yellow cholesterol concentration of LDL and triglycerides in the blood.
It works to keep the body healthy and reduce the chances of stroke and arteriosclerosis.
As well as help in the flow of blood in the body and stimulate blood circulation and preserve the health of the heart, whether added to the food or dealt directly.
Treatment of respiratory diseases
Some people have respiratory problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis, and sputum, especially in the winter.
Cold currents increase the spread of bacteria and viruses directly into the respiratory system.
But cinnamon works to strengthen the immune system and help the body to expel toxins, kill bacteria, expel phlegm and reduce inflammation of the throat and capillaries lining the nose.
Burn fat and reduce weight
Many people who are overweight and obese depend on them because they help to increase the rate of burning and the speed of feeling full.
Add one tablespoon of ginger to a teaspoon of boiling water, and then add to a cup of warm milk with breakfast, helping to speed up the feeling of fullness and reduce the acidity of the stomach.
Treatment of gingivitis and bad breath
One of its most important benefits is its ability to treat gum infections, especially when treated continuously.
Make a soft paste by adding it with water and cloves and then put on the site of inflammation or pain.
If you get a bad smell from your mouth, you can chew a small amount of it, or you will be bitten by your mouth immediately after waking up with a little white honey and warm water.
Treatment of diseases of the digestive system
Treats the various diseases of the digestive system, especially those that affect the body because of eating fatty foods.
Eliminates the problem of gases that infect some as well as bulges and treat indigestion as well as chronic constipation.
Add a few of them to the food continuously or eat a cup of green tea and a few of them after meals, fatty, and even treat the vomiting that affects some women in the first pregnancies, but it is recommended to consult with the doctor.
Kill bacteria and fungi
Which helps in the elimination of fungi and bacteria that affect the body, especially women.
Helps to cleanse the vagina from some of the bacteria that infect it, especially the Candida bacteria that enter the body through the reproductive system.
It is used by doing a natural lotion based on a little warm water and salt with cinnamon powder.
Activates memory and improves mental function
For those who have poor concentration or want to improve cognitive functions they can take it.
Studies have shown that it works as an alert to the human mind, and can be addressed in the period of school tests or those who suffer from lack of brain functions.
It can be added to various fish species and salmon containing omega-3 and amino acids and thus doubling the concentration and mental activity of the person.
Organize female hormones and clean the uterus
Many women resort to some birth and in the puerperal period to take intensive doses of them in order to clean the uterus of blood remaining after the fetus.
Even those with hormonal disorders that delay menstruation or pregnancy can take a cup of them before bedtime or throughout the day to control the secretion of estrogen, which in turn stimulates the ovaries to release and release the eggs naturally and then the pregnancy occurs.
In the early days of the menstrual cycle, it can be taken with turmeric and the ring mill where it helps to calm uterine contractions and relieve pain.
Relieves arthritis and rheumatism
There have been many studies on the benefits of cinnamon and its effect on arthritis in Copenhagen University, where it proved that eating a cup of them with white honey on the stomach helps to relieve joint pain.
It reduces the stiffness of the muscles affecting the football players or the person who is running or walking.
Purify skin and treat pimples and acne
Contribute to the removal of the effects of pimples and acne, which remain for a long time on the face caused by dark spots.
It works to purify the skin and remove dead skin cells where it is a natural peel of the face.
Enter into preparing a lot of cosmetics and skin care.
The substance of the cinemathede available to activate the blood circulation and thus help to change the color of the cheeks pink color.
Find out how to use cinnamon
There are several ways in which cinnamon can be used for various purposes, whether for body or skin. For example,
For peeling skin
The work can be peeled natural for the skin of various types, especially fatty and mixed through:
Two tablespoons of ground cinnamon are brought

Add two tablespoons of almond oil and one teaspoon of sugar.
It is placed on the face completely and the face is peeling through circular movements with the fingertips.
Rinse with warm water and later put moisturizing cream or lightening as desired.
To lose weight and burn fat
It can be used to burn fat and lose excess weight through:
Bring a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a little ginger and cardamom.
Pour a cup of boiling water over that mixture.
Leave for ten minutes with the cup covered well; so as not to volatilize natural oils and thus become low nutritional value.
What you do not know about the most serious damage to cinnamon on the body
Despite the many health benefits of cinnamon, it also includes a number of damage, for example:
Enter into spells of depression
Many studies and research on a number of people who regularly take this drink have shown that they are in a bout of depression with increased heart rate.
Therefore, doctors are advised not to take more than five grams a day for the absence of any side effects on the body.
Increased uterine contractions
It also causes an increase in the contractions of the uterus muscles which cause miscarriage or premature birth.
Therefore, women in pregnancy must refrain from eating them, especially on the saliva, but it is OK to include them in the food in the form of spices
Serious complications of liver and kidney patients
There is a substance called coumarin, which causes swelling in the spleen and a negative effect on the liver.
Lead to inflammation of the kidneys or damage to the internal tissue, especially when the children to eat or eat in large quantities.

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